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Çıt Çıt Siyah Saç Çıt Çıt Siyah Saç
ben aldım evime dün geldi bugün taktım çok memnunum gercek saçımdan farks
Çıt Çıt Siyah Saç Çıt Çıt Siyah Saç
yaa ben siyh cit cit istiyorum aynen byle ama gercek %100 dogaal mı ki ?? ve be
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Payment & Delivery


You need to let us know what you need by sending us an email on or by calling to us.

We confirm the quantity, description and order.


Once the order is confirmed, you need to fulfil a wire trasfer to our bank account or by Western Union.


As soon as the payment comes into the bank, we will ship the consignment

We use different express-mails, such as UPS, FedEx and also DHL as our method of express shipments. Shipping prices are determined by the destination and weight of the consignment. We will provide all of our customers with their own tracking numbers for tracking purposes. For the status of your order please visit,, and enter tracking number.